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Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works closely with architects, designers and other construction professionals to develop either a new or existing terrazzo design for projects. There are endless design possibilities when working with terrazzo. From a wide selection of epoxy colors and aggregates, architects and designers can formulate any design desirable. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works with manufacturers to help provide design samples at no cost to the architectural and design community.



Terrazzo consists of either standard or venetian chips set in concrete and polished to a smooth finish. Mixed with any color epoxy, terrazzo can be made with marble, glass, shells and other specialty aggregates. The results are mesmerizing. Terrazzo can offer a seamless finish or an elaborate design.

You won’t find design flexibility in other flooring systems. From geometric patterns to free-flowing lines, there are multiple designs you can incorporate with terrazzo. Give your building some personality with logos and custom graphics or help navigate people throughout the building with some navigational guides. Terrazzo gives you a canvas to work with.


Build your brand with a memorable floor design

Suffolk Municipal Center

North Carolina State University Terrazzo Logo

North Carolina State University

East Carolina University Terrazzo Logo

East Carolina University


Request a custom terrazzo sample

TERRAZZCO Brand Products

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works with manufacturers to produce terrazzo samples for architects and designers. TERRAZZCO® Brand Products can supply specified materials for any project. Head over to the TERRAZZCO® Brand Products website to submit a design request. With many possible outcomes, which design will you choose?

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